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About Us

Passionate about scaling New Heights


The Pioneering Spirit of our Forefathers lives on

The pioneering spirit of the Alshaali family started well before the incorporation of our first company. It goes back to our Grandfather Ben Hussain who, with his entrepreneurial spirit and integrity, developed a business that has stood the test of time. He was able to bring people of various cultures to work together in the Ben Hussain Glass factory, part of the Alshaali Group today.

The Alshaali Marine, founded in 1979, a prominent regional yacht and boat builder, set the direction and pace for the development of the various new businesses of the Group.

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This started with the diversification into new industrial sectors such as aluminium extrusion, expanding into new glass market segments, and entering the construction industry and the environmental sector. The Group not only built its own property assets, including manufacturing facilities, apartment towers and a shopping mall, but also produced building materials, such as concrete panels. The latest initiative for the Group is the incorporation of a new business unit dedicated to environmental sector projects, such as water treatment and pipeline integrity inspection.

To offer additional services to our customer base, property and facility management services (Aztec) have supplemented the Group’s activities supported by another new business unit specialising in architectural design consulting (Mirage).

In order to cultivate the next generation of professionals and enable them to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers, the Group founded the Ajman Modern School (AMS). AMS is conceived to provide the highest standard of education and opportunities for local students, and to help them secure prosperity for themselves whilst being fully equipped with the necessary skills to further the development of our nation.

The Alshaali Group, through the leadership of the family’s next generation and their teams, will continue in its endeavours to build new strategic partnerships inside and outside the UAE, to consolidate the achievements of the past and to pursue its growth confidently into the 21st century.


The Alshaali Group – Our passion for development

The Alshaali Group is a fully independent family business providing a portfolio of products and services in the UAE and beyond. It was set up in 2008 to consolidate the various businesses of the Alshaali family and is currently operating in the following sectors:

  • Marine – AS Marine
  • Construction – Al Masaleh al Emaratiah Construction
  • Industry – Ben Hussain Glass, AS Panels
  • Property Services – Aztec Properties and Facilities Management services, Mirage Architectural Design
  • Education – Ajman Modern School